Standard Chartered China

Standard Chartered China was established in 1858. It has 25 main branches plus 78 sub-branches and a single village bank. There are also 164 ATMs plus a staff of 8,500. Banking services are available for individual customers and business customers. Priority banking services are available as are private banking facilities for individuals with a high net worth. The range of products that it offers includes day-to-day accounts, savings accounts, time deposits, call deposits, cards, loans, and mortgages. A range of investment products is also available.

Their head office address is: Standard Chartered Tower, 201 Century Avenue, Pu Dong District, Shanghai, 200120, China

They can be contacted by telephone: (86-755) 2589-2333


Standard Chartered China Services

Personal Banking

  • Debit Cards
  • International Banking
  • Day-to-Day Accounts
  • Savings Accounts
  • Time Deposits
  • Call Deposits
  • RMB Services
  • Housing Loans
  • Investment
  • Foreign Currency Savings Accounts
  • Priority Banking
  • Private Banking

Individual Investments

  • Currency Linked Investments
  • Interest Rate Linked Investments
  • Stock Linked Investments
  • Commodity Linked Investments